4 Examples of DIY Roofing Fails

Roofing isn’t something you do by yourself. As the roof is one of the most important components of your home, attempting to repair or replace it without experience or proper tools may spell disaster not only for your home but for yourself.

In today’s post, Sterling Exteriors exposes three ways you may do a disservice to your dwelling when you attempt to repair your own roof.

Faulty Shingle Replacement

Some homeowners think that shingles are easy enough to replace, especially if you’re only missing a few here and there. The reality is that replacing roofing shingles requires specific expertise. For example, newer shingles require a particular type of nail to be applied to an exact spot. Some DIYers fail to account for this and sometimes use too many nails or the wrong type of nails. Worse, some even lay new shingles over old ones, which can cause leaks or overload the supports that are not rated to hold up the additional weight.

Wrong Material

Not all roofing materials work for all homes. Choosing an appropriate roofing material for your home requires in-depth knowledge of your home’s structure and the demands of the local climate. If you don’t have this knowledge, you may choose an inappropriate material, leading to serious problems down the road.


The average Joe doesn’t have the tools and materials that professionals have access to, which can lead you to overspend on a retail purchase. Plus, damaging the roof while you do your adventurous DIY job may lead to more expenses in the future that you’d have avoided if you had called a pro in the first place.

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