11 Parts of a Typical Roof

Understanding how your roof works can help you take better care of it. In today’s post, Sterling Exteriors explains the basics of roofing anatomy.

Typical Roof

Here is a quick rundown on the main components of your roof and how they work together to protect your home from the elements:

  1. Deck: This is your roof’s base foundation. It’s composed of sturdy hardwood or plywood that acts as your roof’s canvas.

  1. Underlayment: The underlayment is a waterproof layer coated with asphalt that acts as your roof’s secondary defense, after the shingles.

  1. Shingles: Your shingles, forming the topmost surface of the roofing system, are the roof’s first line of defense against the elements and the most visible part of your system. There are many shingle materials, including asphalt, tile and slate.

  1. Drip Edge: Drip edges prevent roof flooding by guiding excess rainwater from your roof toward your gutters.

  1. Ridges: These are the edges where different planes of the roof intersect with each other.

  1. Eaves: The space underneath the roof, this is where the walls of your home and the roof meet.

  2. Gable: This is the triangular part of a sloped roof.

  1. Gutters: The gutters are located on the edge of your roof and are responsible for channeling precipitation away from your home.

  1. Chimney: This exhaust point guides smoke and heat from your interior out of your home.

  1. Roof Vents: Roofing vents are in place to vent excess heat and moisture out of your attic. Your vents help your roof “breathe” and play a critical role in the health of your roof, along with your home’s energy efficiency.

  2. Flashing: These waterproof materials protect your roof’s most vulnerable parts. Proper flashing maintenance enables your roof to provide peak performance.

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